Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday morning sofa chill...

This weekend was accually supposed to be my third AFS-Weekend in Stuttgart. But on Friday morning (we had a long weekend) I woke up and seriousl couldn't walk- I had to cancel the weekend and stay home. My hip was hurt so I couldn't even stand up from the couch. 
That really didnt make my weekend the funnest one, but I had time to sleep a lot and have a relaxed time. Right now, I'm watching this old movie, while it's really chilly outside... 
The good tthing about this weekend was just that I had time for getting some online-things done. I ordered a bh-cosmetics palette and then I clicked up on and they're having a free shippen edition for this weekend ! I couldnt buy bith things so i think I gotta wait... :( hmpf!
But okay, from now on were only having one week of school and then were going to st tropez. I still cant believe the year has passed so quick. Only a couple more weeks and the year'll be over, I really want to enjoy the rest of the time ! :) 
I also cant wait for the time after my exchange year, because after that, my next destination will be the USA, to see Ariana and Elizabeth and Peter B and everyone else again.. 
Times will pass pretty quick and I feel like missing a little bit.. 
I really hope you'll all have a great weekend and enjoy times ! 

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