Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rainy days and calm weekends.

It's saturday afternoon, and the last week went by waay to quickly.
Sometimes I am already missing the time that has gone by, sometimes I have a more euphoric feeling of whats still infront of me.
Yesterday we went to town, to get some things done, that we needed. I mean, my host Mum and I. Everywhere, there were signs of ,,the summer is over" or ,,fall is coming!"
It kind of is a sad feeling, I have to say. I know, I still have a bunch of time infront of me, but I feel like this is the end of something- the end of the summer, that was the essencial moment of me getting to know this place, this new world. It was like the little dream I lived, and I am amazed, by how fast it was all over again.
In only 4 weeks, I will have to go back to school, and I'm looking back, thinking that my time has ran away, and sometimes, I cant help thinking, if I spent it right. But obviously, and of that I am sure, I did.
I deepened the connection to this place I call home now, I got to know everyone so well, and I am just so, so happy that someone has given me this opportunity of learning.
This sounds very nostalgic, and in a way it accually is. I know what i am looking forward to- the fall, cold winter days, mate infront of a fire...
But still, I am giving away the images of nightswimming in the pool, the heat and sunlight, the warm days with no worries about school or planning. I am leaving the shorts and tanktops way back in the closet, and I irst came to notice this weekend, that it was getting colder. Summer doesnt last forever, nothing lasts forever. But I am so truely happy that I have been able to spend this time here.
This is not a goodbye. Its more like a new hello to the new season, and I am going on to take some changes in the next weeks, I am sure.
Wishing you luck and happiness or this weekend!

kisses, anna

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

summer in december- worth a looking-back.

The days, weeks and months have passed now, and every day more, I have ell in love with this place- argentina is my home now, and I love all about it!
Looking at photos and blogs of other ,,intercambio" students all around the world, I got inspired to post some photos mysel- they are worth a look back to greatest times i had.

photos above show the last two days in germany- the moments that were going to be the last. ... i thought-
turned out, they were going to be first of a lifelong experience.

you may think argentina looks quiet and still, but I have to say that south america really knows how to party. So here are some impressions of the first week...
have a good night germany, and lets have dinner in argentina :-)
kisses- annita

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a little bit lately.

It's the 23rd of November. Summer here- officially spring. The first two months here have been going so insanely fast. I have lost eye on a lot of things. facebooking friends in germany, calling people- even my family, and keeping in touch. not in any offense, really just, because so much is going on here, things to do, people to meet and places to see. I have been insanely busy and most importantly happy. Things have turned out amazing, the place I live is beautiful, the family is great, and I really enjoy the time I am spending here.
To be honest, I lost the passwort of my blogsite, so thats why there was nothing up really in the last months. I did read the posts of the last weeks in germany, and I was thinking that my point of view changed a lot since I was here. I know that i was sad to leave and everything, but right now, I couldnt be any happier to be where i am.
I cannot believe it's almost Christmas. usually, the month before christmas it's getting pretty pissy rainy and cold, we start going to skiing trips, and we have the heaters in the house running like crazy.
here, the november is getting hotter and hotter, its usually about 30 degrees, witch is not even hot here.
also, we only have 2 more weeks of school before we accually have 3 months of summer vacation- witch is nice, since I will be wantig to take some spanish lessons and spend loads of time with all the new people. gotta run. xoxo

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


the last three months, at home in germany were really wonderful. meeting new people, hanging out with friends, going out and having a great time really made me think about how I´m going to leave. i felt like really not wanting to go, accually. the afs weekends always kind of helped me, finding sense in what i am doing and what i accually want. Back in march, there was a midstay exchnage in karlsruhe, where i live. ernesto, a kid from bolivia stayed at our house and we had a really good time. in the group, there were several other kids, boys and girls from pretty much all over the place. back then i already knew for shure that i would be going to argentina. thats the funny thing about afs students. we all have this little something in common, in a way we are all really similar, although we are very different. leo and I, a guy from brasil, spendt a lot of time together. leaving is always hard for me, saying goodbye sucks, and having to say goodbye to him was way harder for me, than i thought. accually I´ve been thinking a lot about him in the last days. i was thinking what he felt when he went to a new place, needing to find new friends and stuff. now, i am pretty close to where he lives and were thinking of getting to see eachother sometimes. i am happy that he is there for me, we talk once in a while and all in all, now that I´m here, i just know that i am doing the right thing.
get back to you! anna

Sunday, August 21, 2011

buenos aires!

Finally here! I arrived in buenos aires early friday morning, after a really long 13 hour flight. ulture shock hasnt been as huge as I thought it would be. From what i saw, I cant really say buenos aires is pretty- its pretty ool though. Us AFSers got brought into a welome camp right outside buenos aires- we stayed for two days, had first argentinian meat, a talentshow, met a lot of people from all over the world and really didnt sleep a lot. I still am jetlacking a bit, its fine though. At first, I thought there werent too many dark haired people, but at the busstation, i felt pretty awkward with my bleached blonde hair. Right now, we are at the busstation in buenos aires, in a VIP room. The busstation is like as big as our whole trainstation in germany, and it is a little different. We have WiFi here, but my battery is running low and I was wondering how long this still lasts. Now its almost nine in the morning, we stood up at six and our bus to pergamino will be arriving at about 11. I'll meet my family then, and I really am a bit exited already. 
I'll get back to ya soon, after getting new information :) anna 

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

things getting real- finally.

saying hello to one thing means seying goodbye to others. It's finally summer again, the sun came out. Finally, now things are getting real for me, I was waiting too long.
noticing what i'm accually giving up here, at home is getting pretty clear, and I dont know If I like it. Sitting at my window right now, I kind of am just hoping to get enough sleep tonight.
I decidet to go to a yoga class tomorrow morning, so I wont sleep out too long. my mums going to greek tomorrow for a week and i'll spend the week, doing my checklist of things i still need to do before accually leaving.
I dont have much to say anymore, i think all is said for now, i hope my mind blackout will kind of leave me alone,.
I guess I'm just tired and a little frustrated, and maybe even scared, that sound weird?
Good night....

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday morning.

It's friday morning, during my first week of vacation. Things are getting more concrete, and I'm kind of in a flashback phase of sucking up all good feelings of the last months, noticing they're enough for years. Today i'm going to visit Elizabeth in Schaffhausen with my Dad. She's one of the people that know me since I was born, we went to preschool together and we had a great childood together.
Before, i was pretty sad to not go to the US this year, but after i got information about my family, things are getting way easier.
i really cant wait to go to argentina now, the family seems wonderful and very friendly. I dont mind if the place is pretty rural, maybe becomming a little down-to-earth can be pretty cool.
okay, gotta run! :)
Kisses, anna