Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a little bit lately.

It's the 23rd of November. Summer here- officially spring. The first two months here have been going so insanely fast. I have lost eye on a lot of things. facebooking friends in germany, calling people- even my family, and keeping in touch. not in any offense, really just, because so much is going on here, things to do, people to meet and places to see. I have been insanely busy and most importantly happy. Things have turned out amazing, the place I live is beautiful, the family is great, and I really enjoy the time I am spending here.
To be honest, I lost the passwort of my blogsite, so thats why there was nothing up really in the last months. I did read the posts of the last weeks in germany, and I was thinking that my point of view changed a lot since I was here. I know that i was sad to leave and everything, but right now, I couldnt be any happier to be where i am.
I cannot believe it's almost Christmas. usually, the month before christmas it's getting pretty pissy rainy and cold, we start going to skiing trips, and we have the heaters in the house running like crazy.
here, the november is getting hotter and hotter, its usually about 30 degrees, witch is not even hot here.
also, we only have 2 more weeks of school before we accually have 3 months of summer vacation- witch is nice, since I will be wantig to take some spanish lessons and spend loads of time with all the new people. gotta run. xoxo

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