Wednesday, February 15, 2012

summer in december- worth a looking-back.

The days, weeks and months have passed now, and every day more, I have ell in love with this place- argentina is my home now, and I love all about it!
Looking at photos and blogs of other ,,intercambio" students all around the world, I got inspired to post some photos mysel- they are worth a look back to greatest times i had.

photos above show the last two days in germany- the moments that were going to be the last. ... i thought-
turned out, they were going to be first of a lifelong experience.

you may think argentina looks quiet and still, but I have to say that south america really knows how to party. So here are some impressions of the first week...
have a good night germany, and lets have dinner in argentina :-)
kisses- annita

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  1. annita, my 心!
    i miss you as hell and i am so looking forward to seeing you again!
    i 愛 you! :) <3