Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rainy days and calm weekends.

It's saturday afternoon, and the last week went by waay to quickly.
Sometimes I am already missing the time that has gone by, sometimes I have a more euphoric feeling of whats still infront of me.
Yesterday we went to town, to get some things done, that we needed. I mean, my host Mum and I. Everywhere, there were signs of ,,the summer is over" or ,,fall is coming!"
It kind of is a sad feeling, I have to say. I know, I still have a bunch of time infront of me, but I feel like this is the end of something- the end of the summer, that was the essencial moment of me getting to know this place, this new world. It was like the little dream I lived, and I am amazed, by how fast it was all over again.
In only 4 weeks, I will have to go back to school, and I'm looking back, thinking that my time has ran away, and sometimes, I cant help thinking, if I spent it right. But obviously, and of that I am sure, I did.
I deepened the connection to this place I call home now, I got to know everyone so well, and I am just so, so happy that someone has given me this opportunity of learning.
This sounds very nostalgic, and in a way it accually is. I know what i am looking forward to- the fall, cold winter days, mate infront of a fire...
But still, I am giving away the images of nightswimming in the pool, the heat and sunlight, the warm days with no worries about school or planning. I am leaving the shorts and tanktops way back in the closet, and I irst came to notice this weekend, that it was getting colder. Summer doesnt last forever, nothing lasts forever. But I am so truely happy that I have been able to spend this time here.
This is not a goodbye. Its more like a new hello to the new season, and I am going on to take some changes in the next weeks, I am sure.
Wishing you luck and happiness or this weekend!

kisses, anna

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