Wednesday, August 24, 2011


the last three months, at home in germany were really wonderful. meeting new people, hanging out with friends, going out and having a great time really made me think about how I´m going to leave. i felt like really not wanting to go, accually. the afs weekends always kind of helped me, finding sense in what i am doing and what i accually want. Back in march, there was a midstay exchnage in karlsruhe, where i live. ernesto, a kid from bolivia stayed at our house and we had a really good time. in the group, there were several other kids, boys and girls from pretty much all over the place. back then i already knew for shure that i would be going to argentina. thats the funny thing about afs students. we all have this little something in common, in a way we are all really similar, although we are very different. leo and I, a guy from brasil, spendt a lot of time together. leaving is always hard for me, saying goodbye sucks, and having to say goodbye to him was way harder for me, than i thought. accually I´ve been thinking a lot about him in the last days. i was thinking what he felt when he went to a new place, needing to find new friends and stuff. now, i am pretty close to where he lives and were thinking of getting to see eachother sometimes. i am happy that he is there for me, we talk once in a while and all in all, now that I´m here, i just know that i am doing the right thing.
get back to you! anna

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