Tuesday, August 02, 2011

things getting real- finally.

saying hello to one thing means seying goodbye to others. It's finally summer again, the sun came out. Finally, now things are getting real for me, I was waiting too long.
noticing what i'm accually giving up here, at home is getting pretty clear, and I dont know If I like it. Sitting at my window right now, I kind of am just hoping to get enough sleep tonight.
I decidet to go to a yoga class tomorrow morning, so I wont sleep out too long. my mums going to greek tomorrow for a week and i'll spend the week, doing my checklist of things i still need to do before accually leaving.
I dont have much to say anymore, i think all is said for now, i hope my mind blackout will kind of leave me alone,.
I guess I'm just tired and a little frustrated, and maybe even scared, that sound weird?
Good night....

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