Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday morning.

It's friday morning, during my first week of vacation. Things are getting more concrete, and I'm kind of in a flashback phase of sucking up all good feelings of the last months, noticing they're enough for years. Today i'm going to visit Elizabeth in Schaffhausen with my Dad. She's one of the people that know me since I was born, we went to preschool together and we had a great childood together.
Before, i was pretty sad to not go to the US this year, but after i got information about my family, things are getting way easier.
i really cant wait to go to argentina now, the family seems wonderful and very friendly. I dont mind if the place is pretty rural, maybe becomming a little down-to-earth can be pretty cool.
okay, gotta run! :)
Kisses, anna

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