Tuesday, July 05, 2011

the last afs weekend before leaving...

On friday afternoon I left Ettlingen to go to Stuttgart, Leonberg for the last preparation weekend before leaving to Argentina. The people were great and it was crazy how quick time passed.
We learned a lot about southamerica- and argentina.
The place I'm going to is called ,,Pergamino", it's in the state of buenos aires, and I cant wait for the summer- on the other hand though, I am kind of afraid, still.
Last night, Mum told me that she couldn't really believe giving me away as a kid- and getting me back grown up. I think I can count the days of still being a little girl- and I think that time has accually passed before.
About 104 000 people live in pergamino- a pretty and more or less small place, I'm going to spend my next year in.
the plaza of pergamino is the main place in town.
I'll just wait for the next couple emails i'll get- and then I guess i can say more.
Have a great day!

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