Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The last day of school... for a year.

I guess I'm using loads of ,,the last" before my posts. things are finishing up and today was the last day of school. It was not real school- mostly hanging out. we cleaned up the classroom- and then went into the new harry potter movie, after playing soccor in the rooms. I took a picture of my old classroom. last time i was in there, i guess. In two years we'll be in another one. I took the picture of the room empty, without any chair or table in it, pure as it is.
I guess I really am going to miss that room, a little.

Sophia, one friend i know since over 7 years, is leaving to L.A in only 2 days, so tonight theres going to be a little ,,bye-bye" party. I'll need to check for some clothes, go to the massage before, and then get ready for tonight. BECAUSE. tomorrow is my first day of ,,vacation". why the duckfeet? two more project days, that's it That means, breakfast at starbucks tomorrow morning, then hanging out in the design room until 4 pm, after that shopping with isabel- 29 more days, I think i really need to enjoy those.
Painted my nails black- festival seasons are staring, lets do this... ;)
have a great night.... i swear, i will.

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