Friday, July 08, 2011

friday, again.

Fridays.can be the most amazing days ever and the worst. This is the worst. I have had a bunch of wonderful fridays in the last couple of weeks, maybe even the best days ever. But today is just a day i wish i could start again. LAst night i had a pretty exhausting discussion, and i need to say that my oppinion was wrong- witch does not make anything very much easier. I am in school right now, i am in school and accually blogging. My eyes are swollen, i overslept, i killed my blowdryer and my voice is totally gone. Tonight were having a gig down at the summer festival, just a couple songs- but still annoying that i cant sing at all. I may go home and get some sleep, drink tea and get rid of the fucking headache I have. And I'm hungry. I need a sandwich. Anyways- wish me luck for the rest of my day.. Kisses!

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