Saturday, July 16, 2011

practicing coing home.

It's 11 am, saturday morning. at about 8 am, I arrived back in germany, coming home from our yearly classtrip. we visited saint malo, a little coast town westly paris.
it was a good week and we enjoyed hanging out a little before things change.
In only 4 weeks, I'll be leaving to argentina and I really can not believe it now- Isabel read one of my last post and told me that it sounded really sad. I really dont wanna be misunderstood- because I feel like I'm all exited and happy for the times that'll come. Still, i am a little consious.
Anyways- my next week is the last of school this year. Monday I'll be golfing and on thursday and friday project days in karlsruhe will be planned- it'll be pretty easy.
Tonight the ,,happiness"-festival in pforzheim is going on, but i didnt think of getting cards and I am really tired so I guess I'm staying home. or i'll change my mind in 20 minuits.
Well- I'm spending my morning with watching scrubs and sleeping. Planning the next week will be kind of annoying- i'll really need to check everything i want to do will be fitting- since times go by too quick... Well then- have a great weekend !
♥ anna

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