Sunday, August 21, 2011

buenos aires!

Finally here! I arrived in buenos aires early friday morning, after a really long 13 hour flight. ulture shock hasnt been as huge as I thought it would be. From what i saw, I cant really say buenos aires is pretty- its pretty ool though. Us AFSers got brought into a welome camp right outside buenos aires- we stayed for two days, had first argentinian meat, a talentshow, met a lot of people from all over the world and really didnt sleep a lot. I still am jetlacking a bit, its fine though. At first, I thought there werent too many dark haired people, but at the busstation, i felt pretty awkward with my bleached blonde hair. Right now, we are at the busstation in buenos aires, in a VIP room. The busstation is like as big as our whole trainstation in germany, and it is a little different. We have WiFi here, but my battery is running low and I was wondering how long this still lasts. Now its almost nine in the morning, we stood up at six and our bus to pergamino will be arriving at about 11. I'll meet my family then, and I really am a bit exited already. 
I'll get back to ya soon, after getting new information :) anna 

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