Friday, May 27, 2011

friday afternoon rain and cote d'azur

Good afternoon, guys!
It's friday afternoon and earlier the weather was fine, but now it really sucks, its rainy and really cold, just eww. That's why, in my lunchbreak i needed a little summer feeling! Since the new essie ,,braziliant" collection isnt out in germany yet, I ordered a part of the spring collection- essie's coat d'azure! It's a shimmery blue colour and I am sooo addicted to that colour right now..!
And since we are with the cote d'azur (the azur-blue coast in south-france) I'm tellin' you, where my next journey destination is going to be ! It's Saint Tropez!!!
Whoooo! Party and yacht City Number one in France, the sweetest stores and shops, the ocean wonderfully blue (just like my nails will be !!!) and a sand-white beach with a view over the hugest yachts in middel-europe. Dude. But It even gets better! My best friend Luca ♥ is going to come there too! We are going to have a blast with the craziest people, great afternoons in the sand, yoga mornings and trips to town. This really gets sun into my mood!
by the way, there is this new song, ,,welcome to saint tropez" ! It's soooo fun !
I admit summer-addiction. In St Tropez there are markets, restaurants, loads of champagne and narrow streets with red bricks and colourful walls, so nice!
another thing needed for st tropez are these shoes, I love.
these are so cool, right?? I'm taller than like everyone else, exept for my dad and luca, but thats okay. They look like snake and the plateau makes the hight feel okay- they're to get on asos..
Oh, just another thing. I got the cote d'azur nailpolish online, I found out a crazy thing (this will be for Isabel!), that O.P.I has a full hongkong collection! The colours are from bright orange right over to dark grey and muddy (but still chocolaty-cool) brown. Just as many fassades as the city has! And the other thing I got on amazon was accually oatmeal! No joke ! In germany you can't buy Quakers Oatmeal, and since its my all-time-favourite breakfast, I HAD to order a pack.  Speaking of American food, america and stuff like that, It's crazy how quick time is passing! In just two weeks, were going to st tropez, then the other side of france with my whole class for a week and then we only have two or three weeks of school, before summer vacation starts. And from then on, only three weeks and I'm going to jump into the plain flying right down to argentina...
The weekend is close, and I am really looking forward to sleeping out long! Later I'm going to go to my facial, but the rest of the day is going to be chilled out, before I go visit isabel tomorrow :)
Weekends are the best!
I really hope you guys are going to have a blast!
kisses, Anna

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