Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a whole year older...

Wow, I'm back!
After about two weeks of not posting at all, i'm now back with loads of new info :) The last two weeks were crazy!
On monday, it was my birthday and I had such a great time with all my friends and family, I appreciated it soo much! I only had to stay in school 'til about one, witch was so great, and when I came home, my mum and brother had loads of presents around for me ! My Mum gave me a thomas sabo necklace with a little red guitar, the statue of liberty and (my fav!!) a super-high black heel charme :) I love Nicholas Sparks a lot so what I wanted for my birthday was a book from him. Besides that, I got magazines, a studio-recording and a photoshoot. I am sooo happy with my presents! In the afternoon then, a good friend came over and she gave me a wonderful gift, a facial! whooooo! ♥
I think I'm going to call there later and get a date to go :) Another awsome thing is that in my favourite store, goldies, have a 10% off in the birthday week!
On saturday I'm going to have time to really relax and go shopping a little :) ohhhhhh, speaking of clothes!
Last week i had my job orientation and I am really going to look for another job, i am seriously never going to be a designer. It was fun, accually and I had a cool time, but the best thing about the whole day was always lunchbreak..! There was the most awsome restaurant, bar café thing and the waitress, farina, always already knew me, she was so nice ! I always made sure to wear the nicest clothes, wear my hair up pretty and wear perfect makeup. It was all to be soooo perfect. Boring. After maybe three days I missed looser jeans and white tanks with no jewllery. Anyways, the food in that café (I'm going to google the name!) was just awwwsome and the cake was great there too. But Farina, the weightress was THE BEST, she was so nice and is now a real good friend.
Away from working. My weekend was sooo great, and I had time to go to town a little. I wanted to get a ,,clinique chubby stick" in whoppin' watermelon, but they were all sold out! In that time, i had a little room to look around, checking out products clinique has, and I got the anti blemish series collection since I really had breakout in the last weeks. I only used the product then for one and a half weeks now, and its all gone. I am sooooo happy and relieved!!! Besides that on my ,,need"-list was the tinted moisturizer and a couple ,,chubby stick" colours. ohhhh, and one more thing! I need a bright pink blush- really pink!! There was a MAC special edition with hello kitty and it was a firey bright pink. It was great and I really need it!!
Oh, I gotta run!!
cyaa ♥

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