Tuesday, April 26, 2011

colour flash.

It's spring (finally!), and whereever I go, I see one trend. Colour blocking, neon colours and flash colours. Every single magazin I buy tell's me, that colours are must-haves. Okaaay, I have to admit. I've bought a neon-yellow tank top and a turquoise scarve.. Green velvet trousers and a rainbow-headband. I kind of try out every trend, but I never follow it. In the time of goth, I wore smokey eyes, goth boots and big chunky black jewlery (yes. Fail.). Way before that, in 2007, the trends were leather-leggins, black and white and metallic all over. Still I am proud, that I have never been owner of a fake-leather shiny legging. Still, I bought pounds of silver huge klunks, I only wore the tightest jeans, though I dont really have (and had!) the right bod. In 2008 then, Trend was white, puristic, clear lines.. shapes and blazers. After that, I only wore california-style miniskirts and in 2010 i was on a roller-coaster with punky taylor-momsen and cute blake lively styles, but always on heels.
Now it's 2011, and - hey, why dont try out this trend? I think It's cute, wearing camel or light cream colours with berry or blue. Makeup is kept puristic anyways and hair is either slung back or opened, but never styled. *like*.. For example, on sunday, my brother had his holy comunion, and I bought a berry dress with empire-top and flowy, tailled waist with chiffon parts. Combined with neon-orange dangly earrings and dark green nails and toes but simple back wedge-heels. (they're peeptoe, so you can see the toes). I am real exited to try out with the colours, and I'm also really waiting for the summer, cause then we'll see new trends, awsome ideas and fashion inspiration...

so keep in touch! kisses ♥

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  1. I can't stop looking at that dress! :P It's GORGEOUS! :D