Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good morning weekend !

Good morning weekend !
It's saturday morning and after making my favorite pancakes with strawberrys for breakfast I'm starting to think of my plans for the weekend. Of course, I'm thinking of doing something usefull like working out or going running , but I guess It'll end up with chilled hoers of watching TV or going out with friends.
It's now spring (officially!) and I am really happy that It's warm enough for wearing dresses and skirts! Speaking of chlothing, i am already preparing my whole closet for spring and summer!
So must haves for me in the summer are:
- cropped t-shirts (okay, I love my bellybutton!)
- Maxidresses (in every color, long and flowy!)
- Plateau Heels (the ones by D&G this year are amazing!)
- denim shorts (will they ever be ,,out"??)
- Hollister skirts and dresses (soooo cute with loads of CAL attitude!)
- Small leather bags!
- mens XL print shirts, knotted with shorts for a festival !

Speaking of a festival, in july of 2011, there is ,,das fest" in Karlsruhe, huge. Its right in the city of KA, and all you need for those 3 festival days is going to be the ,,punk-grunge-hippie"-style. Speaking of minidresses, overknee socks with converse sneakers, ,,the who" or ,,beatle" T_shirts, denim shorts and cropped tops with old vintage leather bags. Three days of just hanging out, no school and (mostly) awsome music!
Cant wait for the summer!
accually, a couple days ago I had a dream of arriving at an airport in argentina, meeting my family there and stuff.. I was really exited and I now am pretty optimistic about the descision for my stay there.
I gotta go, get myself ready for another weekend of spring!
kisses, anna ♥

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  1. Minidresses and denim shorts are the coolest things ever! :D I wish I could go to "Das Fest", it sounds so awesome! <3