Friday, April 22, 2011

summer lights.

It's funny how you get happy about real little things! For example the cute pink chiffon dress I just bought online (ohhh gosh, I LOVE asos.), or having breakfast on the balcony, in the sun. Lying around, reading, getting tanned and talking to yassi on the phone :)
I am really enjoying vacation and I cant wait for the kommunion of my brother mike on sunday ♥
Last night I've seen a report about lady diana and I was just thinking, how she always looked that good ?! I mean, she was blonde, but never brainless, always pretty but never overdressed (if she was, then In a good way, I mean she was princess!!)
There are sure 3 reasons for me to watch kates and williams wedding in a week..
1. The german royals copy their bachelor works, so I need some real royals.
2. I wanna see, how you can spend 4 Mio British pounds on a party
3. (and most important) I wanna see her dress!

I am planning to bake a real cute cake for my brother on sunday, and I am already looking forward to spending loads of time baking a cute chocolate cake with icing (I love icing!!) and chocolat :P
If you have any recipies, I want them!!!!
lots of love, anna

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