Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Say hello to the mountains...

When I was young, I absolutly hated driving a car. Only Uncle Toms white Truck was awsome, but my Daddy didn't drive a white truck, and I kind of always got carsick. 
Today I was in the car for three hours too, but with my grandparents, driving into the mountains, with a cute black suitcase (with hearts and flowers on it! :) ) and loads of clothes with me. 
I am now in the livingroom of a super-cute flat in the middle of the mountains. The next days are going to be really nice, we are going to go out for dinners, drive to other towns, go shopping, maybe even go skiing. Okaaay, so what am I going to wear?! 
Vintage. Vintage blazers, with huge floral scarves, saturday-night-boyfriend-denims and vans sneakers with beautiful little strawberrys on'em. sooo awsome .
For the evening, I just took a pretty black dress by bench, to ty around the hip, kneelong and kind of flowy around the arms. Rule for such a nice dress: killer heels. I took a pair of beige peeptoes with black korsage around it, but not to overdo...
And what am I wearing now?! Okay, I admit. Only some sweatpants, my favourits, by Abercrombie and Fitch with my ,,I ♥ AFS" -T-Shirt. 
And although I adore heels and skirts and tops and fancy stuff. Sometimes I am the most happy person ever just wearing sweats ;)
Gonna get back in touch! ;)

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  1. You're in the mountains?? D: That's so cool! :P beats dublin city anyday :')