Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer is starting.

While summer is starting all over the country, meanwhile it has a starring role in my life. Sunny days are getting more often everyday, and even if teachers tell us that global warming is making our whole planet suffer everyday, I enjoy the sun a lot. Sorry world. What does the beginning of summer mean for me now ? well, lets say, it means progress. Not only progress in my closet, also in my mind, because I am going to be in Argentina for a year from august on. In the beginning it kinda freaked me out, but now I am happy to have that chance. I just dont know how I can get my whole closet over the big lake...
Whatever, I can deal with that problem in a couple months. Most of my friends are going to a foreign country too. For example Isabel, a wonderful friend, who is going to the - like - craziest place ever (?!) Hongkong. (check out her blog! Or Isabella, a real cutie, who you're going to find in Russia this year (ohh gosh, I hope she wont die from coldness!). I hope they'll all (and I :P ) will have a wonderful time and awsome experiences!
But If you'd check out a calender, you'll notice that its only april and we still have a couple of months in germany, at home =) Not too bad when you look at the fact that the weather is just ,,beau and chaud", school isnt too hard, and we still have some festivals, partys and girls nights out before us. Lets get 2011 started!

First of all, start out with school, its the most tyering thing, summer could bring. My days always look the same over a day. In the mornings, I stand up at about 6.30, drink my favorite black tea with milkfoam and vanilla, then stand infront of my closet for about 15 minuits, chosing something to wear, and about 3 minuits before I plan to leave the house, I just change. I have school till 4.30 everyday, and after that I mostly am to lazy to do anything intelligent. Like right now. I thought, writing down some thoughts and ideas, blogposts and, I dont know, other crazy things I think of, would be a nice possibility to show people what I do, who I am.
I am gonna get back to you real soon!
xoxo, Anna J.W.

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