Saturday, April 23, 2011

saturday night superstar...

it's saturday night and what am I doing ? watching dsds. It's short for the german idol kind of thing.. First time I watched it, I was 7 or something, and I fell in love.
I dont know why, but I am always taken away by the songs, the gossip stories about (honestly) only half-talented teenies put in some kind of roles. But its fun! I just read an article about the show today The columnist said, candidates would be too dumb to remember lyrics and girls would just be bitches jumping around on a huge stage with bad clothes (remeber sarah's dress with the huge music-key on it?!).
But isn't that, what we love ? This years season is great. First a top-favorite-candidate got thrown out, then there was (after the second show!) a nervous breakdown by a seventeen year old blondie,she had to go to hospitals again and again, her dad took her out of the show, but the favourite didnt want to come back. So Sarah, a dark-haired eighteen year old girl came back, and the three left girls basically killed eachother, insulting eachother real bad, and I loved it.Then, after the breakdown of the seventeen year old, the legal protection got activated, and the underage kids werent allowed to be on stage after 22.00 o'clock. there was soooo much protest. every single one of the candidates wer in mags, on the german BRAVO .. just everywhere. Then there was a autograph-date, that had to be cancelled because of 60 injured people and soo much more... Last week, the top favorite justin bieber double got thrown out and right now, the last four candidates are still singing and dancing and running around as easter bunnies on stage ... I'm hooked.

After all, I have to think of a couple things for the next week though, I am driving back home on wednesday, and I still need o grab some traintickets, find out what to wear.. On Thursday then; I'll still have to go to town,  then cook some snacks for the evening for the grillparty!!!! with my favorite afs people :)
But now, commercial of dsds is over! Lets see what'll happen tonight! :)
Have a good one :) anna

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