Sunday, April 17, 2011

instyle makes my saturdays better ...

I have to say that I sometimes am really lazy. Not only a little. For example saturday- yesterday evening. in the afternoon I was at a super-sweet café in karlsruhe. they had awsome coffee, sweetest muffins and most awsome couches. But of course I went with the most amazing people. Melody, a wonderful friendly person whom I hope I'm going to hang out with a LOT more often from now on ! I am so jealous of her name. seriously.
Anyways, on my way home, I grabbed the newest instyle from the bookstore, and I loved the cover. Gwyneth paltrow with super cute beach-wavy-hair and chunky beaded necklaces ! :)
It always feels like the ,,blue box" -effect when holding THE newest instyle in my hands. Turquoise blue, Tiffany, you know? the boxes with the white satin bow around it, feeling you're going to be happy when you open it ;)
So I sat down on the balcony on the new loungy couches and opened the mag. whoooo, blue box!
After a couple pages of marc jacobs, boss and miss chérie commertials- a new chanel page with blake lively. whoooo, jealous.
The first article is about ridig bikes in cities. That means, as soon as one of the columnists get into another town, they go borrow a bike and cruise around. Usually they wear cute denim overalls or chinos with blue shirts, combined with efortless styled hair and huge wayfarer glasses. A basket is a must, to carry shopping items, flowers and the cute purse you dont want to wear over your arms while riding a bike. But seriously. When I am downtown, whereever, I just walk. You get into every street, you dont need to hurry that much, you can just go into every shop without needing to lock up a bike every fifth minuit. I hate riding bikes, I prefer walking. If it's rainy, you can carry a cute (seetrough!!!) umbrella and if its sunny you dont have to walk as fast. So, let the bike stand in the garage.
The new style musthaves are, so says instyle, huge headphones in any colour (mine are pink :P), long maxidresses (ha! I knew it!), parkas with minidresses, colour blocking minibags, black-black outfits (a mix out of punk, grunge, gothic and rock), rosty tinted blazers and of COURSE leo pumps, by chloé or christian louboutin.
but well, It's too late in the year to wear parkas (that is SO november 2010!), colour blocking minibags are only cool when from chanel or gucci, and for one season we dont wanna pay, right? black outfits? not in sunny april! and when do you want to wear leo loubs, if you're not kim kardashian?
There IS one trend that I do want to follow though. Supertight but soft pastell coloured denims in colours like sorbet-yellow, raspberrymilk and mintgreen that you can combine with white, loose tops, sleek blonde hair and huge glasses. Mixed up with darker flats make contrasts and with flipflops you feel like sunkissed! :)
But on page 114, my smile goes up to my ears after reading about the ,,time to (summer-)party" article about the coachella festival! after that, 4 pages of ,,how to festival-dress". make my day, honey.
Speaking of making my day, I still need happy-making new bikinis for the summer. H&M seem to have some cool ones this year, I prefer buying loads and variating every day. Better than only having one, I think.
The rest of the may issue is just as awsome as the first pages, blue box all the way. An article with rob pattinson, bradley cooper, close ups with gwenyth paltrow and katie holmes.
The only things I hate about the magazine was the backpage, megan fox with a cropped bob. eww. Crazy how a bad hairstyling can make such a sexy women look like a housewife.
As a result, I can only say that the instyle of may totally thrilled my saturday evening and helped me out for new points on my shoppinglist. what I need is pastell-green denims, a wide, long and white maxiskirt and bikinis in every colour and shape.
So I cant wait for thursday, for going out to karlsruhe with isabel! I'm going to keep in touch!
Lots of love, anna


  1. Such an awesome blog post, again! ;D What I think you should do is more about style and fashion, maybe talk about parties and festivals you go to? :D And, of course, photos of all the awesome things you get!! I'm dying to see the "maxidresses", denims and bikinis! :D

    Also, music too? I'd love to hear about music :) What your favourite bands are, recommendations,a ll that sorta thing ;) And don't stop being awesome! :D

  2. Maybe you could talk about individual celebrities too? Gossip and style about them :)

  3. okay! Thanks for the inspiration, I'll figure out something chick! :P