Sunday, May 22, 2011

Popovers- sunday morning sweethearts

Good sunday morning y'all !
I am feeling really awsome and slept out, I had a great morning.. I just made popovers, my new favourite recipe for breakfast! Yesterday, Isa slept over and we made popovers with french strawerry marmelade and strawberrys...
I think I'll call these ones ,,strawberry field popovers!"
The recipe is so easy and awsome and it smells soooo good when they're in the oven !
So here you go..

You need:
2 Eggs, medium or large
250 ml Milk
125 grams Flour
a pinch of salt

First, heat the oven up to 350. Butter a muffin-pan. Then Take a (plastik)- big bowl and but a tablespoon of butter into it. You can melt the butter in the microwave. If you dont have a microwave though (Like by bestie Isa), you can also melt the butter in a little pan or pot. I think the microwave is best though. Let the butter cool down in the bowl. Meanwhile, prepare all the other ingredients on your work area.
Add milk, eggs and the salt to the butter. Mix through a little, then add all the flour at once and beat, until the mixture is without any clumps.
Now, put the muffin pan into the hot oven for about two minuits and then pour the dough into the forms. Dont open the oven to long, otherwise the heat will all be gone !
Bake for about 20 minuits. The dough will really rise ! After that time, take a knife and poke all the popovers, that steam can get out, they get a little crunchier from the outside. Lower the heat to about 275 F°. Bake for another 15 minuits.
Now, get the popovers out of the forms really quick, if you need a couple more minuits until you eat, sling them into a clean kitchen towel.
They taste best with butter and marmelade, I love raspberry most! Oh, speaking of that, maybe I'll cook some jam over the week... Also, they're even better if you eat then hot, right out of the oven!
Well, whatever! Jam on !