Thursday, May 19, 2011

thrusday afternoons and cupcake nights ...

its thursday afternoon and I am so happy to be at my friend Isabels house again :) we kinda made creme brulee, and it looks soo good! :) Later were going over to my school for band rehearsal.
The week 'til now was okay but I cant wait for the weekend again! Right now, were still planning to do something on saturday or sunday, maybe go out one day.
Isabel has loads of cool AFS pictures and I am really looking forward to taking even more and more over the next weeks! speaking of photos, she has the -like- greatest camera ever. I really need one before I leave to argentina. She just gave me the coolest earrings ever, they're doughnuts with coloured sprinkles on top and they look really sweet, she took a picture before :)
Right now, on the radio they're playing ,,the time of my life" not the black eyed peas version, the old one ! And Isabel was just like ,,Isn't that High school Musical?" :) Okay, I love her.

Speaking of loving her, I also LOVE cake, and the AFS people, and the best combination is, if these awsome people give me a cake ! thats what happened on saturday! It's an icecream cake with a picture of me on top! also it has roses and little pearls on it... Soooo cute ! It was just huge ! I had a really good time with all the people and I really hope ther'll be loads of other events with those awsome people !
Gotta run !get back to ya ! :)

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