Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pissed off.

I am seriously so extremely pissed off.
Right now, It's lunchbreak, we just had two lessons of german class and we wrote the reports about our job orientation weeks. I already had 8 pages with photos, text and loads of other stuff that took ages to write. Then there was this dumbass who goes to the class over ours, and he just pulled the plug of my computer!! The computers at schools are really old, like from the 1965's, so they dont have automatic saves or backup systems, and my whole text was just -whoooosh- gone.
I have to write everything new and I a sooo planning to kick his ass asap!
So mad and annoyed.
All in all, I am really annoyed about stuff that is supposed to be funny, but really isnt. For example once, I read a book outside on our balcony, it luckily has stairs down to the garden! My brother locked the door and left me there. i didnt really care much, but then he left the house to go to soccor training, and he left me sitting outside without a key. I had to run over the street barefooted to get our neighbors key of our house and that was the only possibility to get in. Dude.
Just the same with a blogpost from beforeargentina. i wrote a lot, and I forgot plugging my laptop in, so it ran out of battery and hung itsself up. Gone.
I have two possibilities now. (getting drunk is NOT one of them.) Either I can come home later and sit there for three houers and do it all over again, or I am just going to take a bath, sit infront of the TV in my joggings and be annoyed. So what am I going to do? Second please.
I guess I have to get back to school pretty soon, I still have history class, chemistry and physics. Can this day get any worse?! Probably not.
get back to you soon.


  1. Wow, I didn't know you write a blog about your trip to Argentina :O
    I guess I'll take a look here later :)
    kick his ass!! :D
    have fun in history class :)

  2. I think you should kick hiss ass too! >:) I'll help! ;)
    And then I think you should sit in from of the tv and be annoyed ;D WAY more fun xD